Halliwick Penguins SC

the first Halliwick swimming club for disabled people

Instructor - Paul Marshall

I have been coming to the club for over 25 years now.  


I first heard about the club through the Scouts when, for one of the badges, I had to undertake some community service.  I chose to volunteer at Halliwick Penguins Swimming Club and haven’t been able to escape (!) so I have been helping out each week as an instructor ever since.


I really enjoy supporting our swimmers each week and seeing the progress that they make.  


Unfortunately, we don’t have enough helpers and instructors so that does mean that we can’t take all the swimmers that we would like to and we do have quite a long waiting list.  


If you think you could help out then we would love to hear from you!   In the meantime, you can admire my photo – William, our Chair, insisted – and here’s the result!

paul marshall