Halliwick Penguins SC

the first Halliwick swimming club for disabled people

National Championships 2015

Although it was a long day (we left London at around 7.30am on a coach bound for Hull, and arrived back in London at around 9.30pm), we had a great day at the National Championships 2015, supurbly hosted on October 17 by Halliwick ASTRA 5.


Halliwick Penguins SC made up part of the team from Halliwick ASTRA 1 (covering Greater London, north of the River Thames), other members of the team coming from Barking Beavers SC and Venturers SC.


We did well, gaining 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 7 bronze medals, and we won the league final which means that this year, Halliwick ASTRA 1 are league champions!


Well done everybody - it was a great day with lots of compeition and fun!