Halliwick Penguins SC

the first Halliwick swimming club for disabled people

Returning to the Pool ...

We know that not being able to swim during recent months has been very difficult for our club members and we are doing all we can to get the club back "up and running".


We are starting slowly and have put measures in place to make sure that the pool environment is as safe as it can be for everyone.


For the moment, club members will not be able to attend a club swimming session until they are invited to do so. If you are a club member, we will let you know when it is possible for you to come to a club swimming session.


In the meantime, we have prepared a video for you to watch. It gives an outline of the measures that will be in place at the leisure centre so that you are prepared when you are invited to come along to a club session. 


We really want to invite you back as soon as we can, so please be patient.


If you want to expand the video, you can watch it directly on YouTube by following the 'Watch Video on YouTube' link.

Watch Video On YouTube