Halliwick Penguins SC

the first Halliwick swimming club for disabled people

Swimmer - Rashi Khullar

Hi!  My name is Rashi.  I'm 13 years old.  I go to Southgate Secondary School.


I found out about Halliwick Penguins Swimming Club by phoning up Enfield Council and they sent me a list of swimming clubs.  I found out that Halliwick Penguins helps disabled children so I phoned them and they invited me to see the club.


So I went, and saw how they help disabled children with their needs. I really liked the club. They invited me to join the club and until now, I am swimming with them.  I really enjoy it.  We have lots of fun.  I always look forward to saturday afternoons. We have our fun times. At the end of terms, we play games which is really fun and we have a really good laugh together.