Christina Symeonides – Instructor

In 2012 (the Late and much-missed) Eva Salisch invited me to visit Halliwick Penguins Swimming Club at Southgate. They were looking for volunteers willing to assist swimmers in the water.

I have been volunteering ever since and have also completed the Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy’s Halliwick Foundation Course.

I am extremely proud to be a Halliwick Instructor. It is very gratifying, giving club members an opportunity to enjoy the water, regardless of age, mental or physical ability.

I enjoy their smiles and laughter; a true playground in water. This is especially important for our members who are wheelchair users or do not have the ability to swim independently.

I’m not all sweetness and smiles though! When I can, I put swimmers through their paces and the competitive swimmer in me surfaces! I challenge and push them and really enjoy seeing their improvements and accomplishments.

Here, I am pictured with one of our swimmers, Ivan.