Michael McAnulty – Swimmer

Michael McAnulty

I am nearly 16 now and I go to a mainstream school.  I get assessed daily on my progress.  I joined Halliwick Penguins Swimming Club after being recommended to join by a physiotherapist.  I was about 9 years’ old when I started.

As well as swimming, I also like ice-skating, snooker and football and I support Manchester United.  My idol is Wayne Rooney! I also love Peter Pan but I have also read a bit of Harry Potter.  

I also love food and have a very good diet. I have posted a picture here of me cooking in my kitchen at home.

My speech is sometimes unclear so I do exercises every day for speech and I also have physio.  I am sociable and try to be helpful when I am out and about, for example, by helping people with their trollies and buggies.

I love swimming though, and think it is my forte.  I also go to another swimming club on Sunday mornings too.  I have some friends there too.  I like racing people to see who can swim the fastest!  Swimming is where I learnt to escape my mum; if she tries to stop me, I just duck under the water and swim away!