Edward O’Byrne – Club Liaison

Edward O'Byrne

My school physiotherapist, (who knew the co-founder of the club, Phyl McMillan), discussed with me the possibility of starting swimming and I joined Halliwick Penguins Swimming Club in April 1977.  Whilst learning to swim for 18 months, my Late brother, Paul, also became a member along with several members of my family.  As some of you will remember, Paul did a lot at the club including being Chair, Chief Instructor, as well as being a lifeguard.

As a member of the club, I have officiated at both disabled and non-disabled swimming competitions. I have also represented the club at borough meetings.

Collectively, members of my family have been members of the club for over 100 years!  If you are interested in becoming a club member, I would certainly encourage you to join!