Joe Chapman – Swimmer

Joe Chapman

I was diagnosed will Autism when I was 2-and-a-half and my ADHD diagnosis followed about 4 years later. When I was about 4, my mum was introduced to the club by a friend who had recently joined with her Autistic son.

I have always had a great fascination with water, so, after going along to see the club in action one Saturday afternoon, I was keen to join the club, and I have been coming ever since.

It took me a couple of years, but I now swim unaided; I started first with a width, followed by a length and then jumping in at the deep end of the pool!

I now swim in competitions and also take part in the BLDSA Swim Challenge which the club takes part in every year. I usually manage to swim just under a mile.

I really enjoy the club and have made some good friends.